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Well disinfection can eliminate or reduce many different kinds of harmful bacteria (germs, viruses and microorganisms), as well as non-harmful bacteria that can cause unpleasant tastes or odors. A change in your water’s taste, color or smell may not always be a health concern, but it could be a sign of serious contamination problems. You should disinfect when:

  • Coliform bacteria are present
  • After flooding of a well
  • After plumbing installation or changes
  • After casing or pump repairs
  • During the start up of seasonal wells
  • When taste changes or odors are present
  • As part of annual well maintenance

Unfortunately, many people use the wrong disinfecting agent and may do more harm than good to their water supply and their health. Laundry bleach should not be used for disinfecting a well, it should be used for laundry purposes only, that is what is was created for. This type of bleach is not pure and may contain harmful toxins which is why you can not drink or bathe with the water while it is in your well water system. Routine chemical disinfection is critical to maintaining a safe private water supply. Why not use a safe product specifically designed to treat well water.

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